What Pachamama Shows You

WPSY is my on-going collaboration with Patrick Huth

Our series „What Pachamama shows you“ deals with the human relationship towards nature and

ourselves. With our photographs, we want to show this relationship in all its beauty and appreciate

what we as human beings got offered from her, because we believe in our modern world this is getting

more and more forgotten. We want to explore this through the subject of the ritual and the related

psychedelic experience, which is found in many different cultures. The purpose of these rituals is to

reveal the meaning of existence and to feel the unity of humanity and nature. Through experiencing the

ritual, one can connect with Pachamama, as mother earth is called by indigenous people of South

America, so that a harmonious way of living together with all beings can be achieved. For our project

we travelled to the Amazon forest and the Andes of Peru, where we met indigenous shamans as well as

new age spiritual seekers, people from all over the world searching for healing and enlightening. What

we photographed during our journey is not merely what is found and seen there. It is more what is

searched there. As we are still searching, our project is an ongoing project with open ending.

For now – it is „What Pachamama shows you“.